ENS Content Stystem α

Create, edit, and serve mobile-friendly 21st century modular textbook content.

Allen Mills

Create: - We have built an entire content database using Google's App. Engine. Safe, secure, and fast delivery via Google cloud services.

Copy and paste from MS Word or author online.

Equations stored as LaTex and rendered with MathJax.

Reflowable text and dynamic image resizing.

Edit: - An entire content editing system from images to LaTex equation typsetting. This includes the streamlined conversion process enabled by our custom implementation of CKeditor.

Sign in with Google and edit online.

Full ckEditor functionality including HTML and LaTex.

Instant access to edited materials (no more errata pages!).

Allen Mills

Allen Mills

Serve: - A complete set of well documented application interfaces (API) as well as clean embedable content pages.

Mobile friendly math content.

Modular content that is flexible.

A robust API for online developers.